An online community for women and their dogs promoting an active lifestyle

About Us

PawsGo encourages us to be the person our dog thinks we are, with an emphasis on an active lifestyle. When we are active, our dogs are healthy! Through the PawsGo online community, women will find and share lifestyle tips – for humans and dogs!

Whether it’s exploring your neighborhood, or hiking with friends – it’s even more fun with your dog.  A trip to the farmer’s market, or baking healthy dog treats – your dog is a willing partner!  Maybe it’s visiting to a local vineyard, or taking up a new hobby, like agility – both shared with your best friend!

We all know it – dogs make our lives better!  So let’s follow their lead!

Our Story

Mandy and I became friends through our dogs.  We live in a very dog friendly neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia called Del Ray.  The idea for PawsGo came one day while out walking our dogs Boomer and Ella.  We do so many fun things with our dogs – hiking, wine tasting, exploring our home town –  we thought, why not create an online community where women just like us can share their experiences and inspire each other to be active with their dogs!

Personally, we are big supporters of animal welfare organizations, local businesses and artisans – so we decided to create an online shop.  Our shop features things we would buy for ourselves and our friends!  We choose our partners carefully, they are individuals, organizations and businesses we know and have supported.

We hope you’ll join the PawsGo community.  We are on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and of course there’s our blog!

Karen and Mandy (And Boomer and Ella)


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